Cody&Miley has started our research project of Advanced Anti-Radiation Maternity Clothing since year 2010. It was brought to our attention that disorders directly/indirect caused by radiations are impacting millions of families.


Common radiation related disorders include by not limited to: Behavioral disorders such as hyperactivity; Schizophrenia; Absence of an arm or a hemangioma; internal defect could be a malformed kidney or a ventricular septal defect; chemical imbalance would be phenylketonuria, and etc. Please visit additional links to see what Cody&Miley anti-radiation maternity clothing is protecting you from.

About Us

Cody&Miley is here to protect your baby and you because understand the importance health; not all disorders are visible at birth; we are here to reduce and/or eliminate those unfortunate chances. Prevention is vital to avoid tears!